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The Intern is a indie game created by a player to another players.


The game tells the story of a young newly formed desperately sought a chance in the labor market. A strange message and a subsequent accident end up taking her to know a new dimension where it is incubida to seek three masks that allow itcontrol the elements of creation so he can take his trainee post of the Gods.
However our "hero" did not really care for morality rules, shortly after realizing the scale of the multiverse and its place in "history" it shows its true face and slowly she will find out who is she and what will reach the coveted job in this divine stage.

The game features some classical mechanics already known from other [b]metroidvania style games, j/RPG and platform[/b]. A single [b]Summon & Mana system[/b] make things more interesting around here. In The Intern [b]the power of the player varies according to the mana he has accumulated[/b] and how much can accumulate (something like your Ki), the [b]masks allow you to control the different types of mana in addition to providing unique attacks[/b] to the player. [b]Summons combinations, masks and skills give options for the player enjoy the game[/b],match they bring side effects needed to overcome challenges and defeat monsters. All of this is not enough? The player  still[b][/b] can evolve their summons to release new forms and special attacks[/b]that will serve to help others or just cause destruction. She doesn't care.

Play fast or explore it is your choice. 

Many other things are already - or are planned - to enter in The Intern:[b] Mini-games, deep story, anime style, support for control, achievements, collectible card, leveling system elements, virtual immortality, travel between dimensions and times, references of batteries and easter eggs[/b] and more. Will you will get the coveted job


Buy Now$0.50 USD or more

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really really awkward control

Deleted 4 years ago
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Hey Ninix. In this new update I worked on a custom tab for keyboard. So you can add your own customization! =DDD

thank you!